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Genius Café is a beach front coworking cafe, where entrepreneurship, healthy lifestyle, education, wellbeing and care for the environment meet up. We are home for the new generation of entrepreneurs: those who take their businesses on the move, remotely or on a global scale, seek to constantly grow and want to strike a perfect work/life balance. Genius Café is a platform for entrepreneurs to unleash and cultivate their talents, learn new skills, and network with other like-minded Geniuses.

Our Bali hub is only the beginning of what is growing into a world network of Entrepreneur Beach Clubs that provide mentoring, events, and a meeting place for entrepreneurs in some of the most breathtaking locations. From exotic African safari to sandy Thai beaches, we’re creating spaces that re-define the way we live and work, while, also bringing positive change to our environment. Entrepreneur Beach Clubs is a new venture and an organic development of Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts.

Genius is more than a cafe. It is an experience where the best creative ideas can unfold naturally and turn into successful business ventures, collaborations or partnerships.

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